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This group is part of the collection mentioned in the



previous post and now available for sale. 



A recently acquired collection to be offered for sale in the near future.  Stay tuned!


A Stanley No. 239 Improved Dado Plane with the last version of the Sweetheart logo (1923-1935). This plane is complete, in Fine condition, and in the original box and Stanley marked wrapping. This plane comes with the original 1/8 inch cutter and spur - the scarcest model - and a previous owner also added the 5/32 and 3/16 cutters and scoring spurs. You are essentially getting three planes in one. The box is in Very Good condition, with one corner of the lid being split. $385


An early Stanley No. 60 Double Cutter Spokeshave with the early Sweetheart logo on the cutting irons. This particular Sweetheart logo version was used in 1922 only. This tool has the hollow and flat cutters for cutting flat, convex, and round planing. There is 90%, or better, original black japanning remaining, and the cutters are almost full length. $60 SOLD